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Have You Seen This Ghost?


Folly Beach's long and infamously haunted history would not be the same if it weren't for Blackbeard, Folly's token ghost pirate. During the eighteenth century, pirates controlled the coast lines and water around Folly Beach [...]


Historic Mosquito Beach


Mosquito Beach is a historic beach located in the Sol Legare community of James Island. In the peak of segregation in the 1950’s, African-Americans weren’t allowed to enjoy the local beaches such as Folly Beach, which meant they had to travel further to enjoy the waterfront. Mosquito Beach, which got its name from the insects that populate the area, became the local beach for African-Americans in the '50s.


Bye-Bye Folly Boat

If you want to understand the creative, free spirited, come-as-you-are soul of Folly Beach search no further than the “Folly Boat”. The Folly Boat is a small but iconic vessel that washed up on the [...]