Folly Gras 2019

Over the past 11 years, Folly Gras has been one of the most loved festivals on Folly Beach. Guests from all over come to Folly Beach dressed in festive costumes and beads to spread Mardi [...]


Taste of Folly 2019

Mark your calendars now for the annual Taste of Folly 2019!  This year, the Taste of Folly will emphasize the eclectic dining options on the island, as well as capture the essence of fun and [...]


November Fishing Report

Fall has arrived bringing with it cooler weather and shorter days. But don't put your rods and reels away just yet because we're about to experience the best fishing of the year! Fishermen will continue [...]


SUPer Scary SUP Race

The 8th Annual SUPer Scary SUP Race will be held on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 from 8am -12pm on Center Street! The race is open to beginners and pros alike! Registration begins at 8:00am and [...]


October Fishing Report

Fall has arrived bringing with it cooler weather and shorter days. But don't put your rods and reels away just yet because we're about to experience the best fishing of the year! Fishermen will continue [...]


June Fishing Report

It has been a long time coming but sustained sunny days have brought our fishery back to life after a cold Spring. Redfish and trout are both active and chasing down the bait that has [...]


Loggerhead Turtles

Loggerhead Darkness From the months of May to late October it’s time for darkness. Darkness for the wildlife that we are so fortunate to have on Folly Beach. Loggerhead sea turtles are in the midst [...]


Sun + Fun Summer Camp

A beach-themed arts camp that creatively combines our fascinating ecology here on Folly Beach with the arts! Half-Day Camp 10am-2pm for Ages 7 and Up Presented by Charleston Performing Arts Center Campers will explore Folly [...]


Folly Beach Lighthouses

The Morris Island Lighthouse There are few beach icons that symbolize the shore more than a lighthouse. For Folly Beach, the Morris Island Lighthouse is a true emblem of its coastline. Almost a century and [...]


Dive into Folly Beach

Dive into Folly Beach Swimming on Folly When taking a trip to the “Edge of America”, better known as Folly Beach, there are several very important things to know about Charleston’s favorite beach town. Folly [...]


Weather on Folly Beach

To visitors, Folly Beach may have on and off-seasons, but to locals it is always in season. Beaches usually lose their summer residents once fall comes around. But not at Folly. It’s residents stay year [...]


Have You Seen This Ghost?

Folly Beach's long and infamously haunted history would not be the same if it weren't for Blackbeard, Folly's token ghost pirate. During the eighteenth century, pirates controlled the coast lines and water around Folly Beach [...]


Historic Mosquito Beach

Mosquito Beach is a historic beach located in the Sol Legare community of James Island. In the peak of segregation in the 1950’s, African-Americans weren’t allowed to enjoy the local beaches such as Folly Beach, which meant they had to travel further to enjoy the waterfront. Mosquito Beach, which got its name from the insects that populate the area, became the local beach for African-Americans in the '50s.


Bye-Bye Folly Boat

If you want to understand the creative, free spirited, come-as-you-are soul of Folly Beach search no further than the “Folly Boat”. The Folly Boat is a small but iconic vessel that washed up on the [...]


The Edge of America

One of the most iconic elements of Folly Beach has to be the Edwin S. Taylor Folly Beach Fishing Pier. Spanning 1,045 feet into the vast Atlantic Ocean, the Pier offers incredible views, not to [...]


Hello Summer!

While it's definitely been warm enough for the beach lately, the first official day of Summer is only a few days away. That's right, the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere will be at 12:24AM [...]


Shine On

  Save the Light is hosting a small ceremony at the beach overlooking the Morris Island lighthouse on Saturday October 1st at 7 pm, the 140th anniversary of the first lighting October 1, 1876. Thanks [...]


You’d Tap That

Loggerhead’s adds 20+ craft beer taps, hosts first beer dinner On Feb. 24 Loggerhead’s Beach Grill hosted their first beer dinner to show off the newly added craft beer taps, which has a heavy emphasis [...]


Oh, What A Night!

When the sun goes down, Center Street becomes a lively mix of beach-casual nightlife and rooftop dance clubs. Whether you're in the mood for a relaxing evening overlooking the water or a bucket of beer [...]


Surfs UP!

No trip to Folly Beach is complete without a little fun on the water and Folly Beach is one of the premiere surfing destinations on the East Coast. You'll find surfers all along the beach, [...]


Explore The Island

When looking for a little on-land adventure, try renting a bicycle and cruise the island. With several parks and lots of nature trails, you'll get to experience the beauty of Folly Beach from different perspectives. [...]


Let’s Eat

You know what pairs perfectly with a day at the beach? A delicious meal. And as casual as the vibe is on Folly, you'll find that we are serious about our food. From fresh local [...]