Cute, Calm & Peaceful
“First time visitor to Folly Beach–loved it! Quiet and peaceful with many trees left on island.”
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Peaceful & Beautiful
“This was my families first time at the ocean and I will never forget the look of joy on my youngest daughter’s face the moment the waves first came up on her feet. The beach was not over crowded, was clean, and was great for relaxing, swimming, and collecting seashells. There is a long pier for fishing off of and it is a beautiful sight at night. The town atmosphere was a nice mix between relaxing and having a good time and can work for the over 21 crowd as well as for families with small kids. There are plenty of great food stops and cute shops.”
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Fantastic & Peaceful
“This beach is very relaxing and a great place to chill out. We saw several dolphins and enjoyed walking on the fishing pier. I would consider staying on the beach here next time we are in Charleston instead of downtown.”
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